This is really happening

I have a dream. Well, I had one. It is no longer a dream but my current reality.

I’ve spent the last decade with a telecommuted career, which affords me incredible flexibility both in terms of time and location. I’ve taken frequent advantage of that, with motorcycle trips for a few days or a couple weeks, working a couple hours each day to keep on top of the most important tasks. But I’ve also dreamed of getting a camper and hitting the road long term, continuing to work full time. Friends have given me the ol’ “you should do it!” but there were always excuses. Mostly that it is a step out of my comfort zone, what with the hundreds of unknowns and things to go wrong. Hey, it was just a dream anyway, I never really expected it would happen.

I usually thought of it as a summer trip, or at least a warm climate trip. But when the stars aligned just right at the beginning of this winter, a new angle wormed its way into my brain: I’ve been a Mountain Host in my chosen town of Whistler since ’99. In that time I’ve heard all about how we are the best in North America, and also heard about many other ski hills from visitors as I toured them around BlackComb. And just this season it occurred to me: I should find out what makes this place the best for myself.

And so, after two months of researching and preparation (which is not nearly enough time by the way) I’ve got what I believe to be a suitable RV and provisions and am on the road. Yes, this is really happening.